Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sat in with Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin...

...last night at Sweet Caroline's. Not only was it my dream come true, I held my own against three of the best blues musicians in the country. Bob has been extremely encouraging from the start. Last time I saw him at State Theatre, he already invited me to Sweet Caroline's and told me to "bring some harps." Well, I ended up playing an entire set with Mr. Margolin, Handy nominated bassist Mookie Brill, and drummer Mark Stutso from Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers. It wasn't my best playing due to the fact I wasn't used to the house vocal mic, but it was enough to impress many of the audience and have people start dancing. If anything, I still have the crowd-pleasing power in me.

Bob said he deliberatedly saved all the "deep stuff" for me because he knew I was capable. We did some shuffles, slow blues, 24-bar blues, Muddy Waters covers (Bob's specialty now). It was a nice set. And Sweet Caroline's is a nice place. It draws two kinds of people: college kids and blues aficionados. And they've been doing quite well at it for years.

The important thing was, I played with my idols and I showed my chops. Bob kept saying to me on stage, "That harp sounds good." We were chatting at the end and he said, "Please keep me updated with any progress." I sure will. Special thanks to Kevin and Lucille Ball for taking photos of me when I was on stage. Photos will be up soon.

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