Friday, November 04, 2005

When you left New Orleans baby, you were feeling kinda low

Being in DC, you're inevitably exposed to cultural things, especially if you hang out on the Hill. And then outside of the city boundaries, sometimes you'll find the region's best kept secrets without trying hard at all. Now Georgetown is convoluted because it isn't much of a college town. There's M Street where extravagant people shop for extravagant things, but yuppies have taken over it. Two weekends ago, I discovered the U of M campus and the collegetown near it. Now that's a place that truly belongs to students. Everything is student-owned, student-ran, and student friendly. It's a pretty fascinating place.

Finally, Noah Baumbach's got what he deserves - a reputation that's long overdue. About 10 years ago, I already admired his minor masterpiece, "Kickin' and Screamin'" about several individuals who have moved on in their lives yet they want to stay in college forever. That movie got way too little, if any, attention. Whenever I show it to my friends, they were like, "How come I've never heard of this movie? It's so f-ing good." Then Baumbach made a couple more films, one of which entitled "Mr. Jealousy" which I liked too. Last year, he co-wrote the screenplay of "Life Aquatic" with Wes Anderson. That movie was also misunderstood by critics and audience alike. Now with "Squid & The Whale," Baumbach's film finally opened to 100% positive review from critics and was a hit at Sundance. I haven't seen it, but can't wait to this weekend.

Life's been a little more sane lately. Hanging out with Rod and Honey at Blues Alley was just so much fun. These guys are cool and nice and they know what this is all about. It's good to meet someone who's passionate about what they do. Let's hope my winning streak continues.

I'm seriously thinking about getting Sirius so I can listen to Howard Stern in a more raunchy mode.

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