Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mixed tapes and mixed grapes!

Making compilation CDs is my specialty. I have a gift for making them. Back in the days, I made mixed tapes. Now, I have a CD burner and I take good advantage of it. My compilation making skills are not so shabby; they can be compared to Thievery Corporation's "Sounds from the Verve Hi-Fi." For one thing, I have countless music to draw from, for my CD library is the size of the RFK stadium. Second, I have good taste. But that's stating the obvious.

So far, I made the following compilation CDs of which I'm proud:
1. The Chet Baker Mood
2. The Best of Pam Bricker
3. HC Blues Vol. 1: Cool Ass Blues
4. HC Blues Vol. 2: Blues That Gives Me Chills
5. Swing Yo Ass Off
6. Funk 4 Yo Soul
7. Cool as Hell
8. Eric Clapton Blues
9. Van Morrison Blues

Another art of making compilation CDs is to decide to whom to send. There aren't many people out there who share my exquisite music taste. Most of my friends either listen to Britney Spears or Classic Rock anyway. I will not send my work to people who dig Zeppelin or Skynyrd. No way. They must be people who have an "old soul," or "inner soul." Someone who appreciates life as is. Someone who's not pretentious and who doesn't try to be someone else. Someone who admires art and the artists' blood, sweat and tears. Or someone who simply adores the music group of the same name.

The most important aspect of the compilation CDs is the recipient, because the reason for making them, aside from your own listening pleasure, is to strike a chord with others. Because the CDs truly define who you are and what you like, by liking them, you know there are people who like you. And it's cool to have people liking you because one doesn't live alone in this world.

That said, if you want one or more of my above compilations, please send me an e-mail. Before you send an e-mail, please reflect on your activities in the last three months to evaluate whether you're cool. If you have determined the positive, then send me that e-mail.

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