Tuesday, November 01, 2005

2nd anniversary of "The Chet Baker Mood"

Today marks the second anniversary of the inception of the "Chet Baker Mood (CBM)." For those who are not familiar with CBM, it doesn't equal PMS. It's a term that I coined two years ago to describe a feeling that hits me every autumn when leaves start falling and the weather starts getting cold. This is the first time in a long while where I don't have family near me on Thanksgiving, so the mood is going to hit hard.

Interesting enough, CBM has become quite an indie phenomenon on the internet (not unlike Roger's "How Hong Kong Are You" quiz). People including jazz aficionados and other artists have discussed the term online and many of them find the term quite accurate and fascinating. I've had a preacher from the Phillipines e-mailing me, saying that he agrees with my acute observation. The buzz was unexpected, but I'm glad I created something that y'all can chew on. Hopefully it'll become a fine wine in the years to come. When you meet me 20 years later on the street, you will shake my hand and say "Damn, CBM is for real, Chief!" Then I'll smile and walk off.

So to recap, CBM is my way of glorifying and celebrating a heart that is both nostalgic and romantic and sees the world as if were occurring in the past. Like Wong Kar Wai's vision of Hong Kong (always existed in the 60's) or Jean-Pierre Jeunet's "Amelie" (the French cafe lifestyle). The past is gone but you can always grasp the tangible memories: TV shows, cartoons, the time you spent with your parents playing in the park, etc.

Sure, the future is ahead of us and we must prepare for it and welcome it, but the past is always a pillow to fall back on. The past is a backalley of hope and happiness that you can always return to find comfort. Louis Armstrong or Nat Cole music will always play in the background. All you need is do is go.


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