Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Who's Who of DC Blues

Dave and I were talking about a dream team in DC Blues. I said, I don't think such a thing exists. But I came up with a list of the bestest blues players in the DC metro area. I'm sure this list is bound to offend some people, but this is just one man's opinion. Here it is:

Vocalists: Jesse Yawn, Mary Ann Redmond, Juanita Williams, Julia Nixon, Kelly Bell, Billy Hancock

Saxes: Joe Stanley, Gene Meros, Ron Holloway, Chris Waitling

Harmonicas: Phil Wiggins, Charlie Sayles, Roger Edsall, Larry Tapper, Glenn Moomau, Rich Sampson, Doug Jay, Bruce Ewan

Guitars: Rusty Bogart, Clarence Turner, Bobby Parker, Linwood Taylor, Pete Kanaras, Tom Principato, Mike Dutton, Steve Jacobs, John Cephas

Piano/Keyboards: Deanna Bogart, Bill Heid, Kevin McKendree, Tommy Lepson, Benjie Porecki, Ann Rabson, Daryl Davis

Bass: Brian McGregor, Whop Frazier, Spencer Lickliter, Jeff Sarli, Wayne Davis

Drums: Big Joe Maher, Pete Ragusa, Robbie Magruder, Clark Matthews, El Torro Gamble, Dave Elliott

Sue me now!

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