Monday, October 24, 2005

Too much has happened, too little to report

First off, Shirley Horn passed away. I saw Shirley twice. Once at Blues Alley where she was sitting next to me on a wheelchair watching Larry Willis, Buster Williams, and Ben Riley. The second time I saw her on stage in the Library of Congress she was on a wheelchair too. She still sounded good though she wasn't playing the piano. I heard that she started playing the piano again months before she died. She was a bright star in DC and all of the world. Her legacy will continue.

This is a great article about Shirley Horn's career.

Still haven't had a chance to comment on the new Fiona Apple CD. I've been enjoying it though. The new Stevie Wonder CD also came out. Haven't listened to it yet.

Lately I've been expanding my musical horizon, just listening to a variety of stuff. It's good to stay away from the blues in awhile. It's bogging my creativity and logic.

Autumn is coming. Hence then Chet Baker mood. It's nice though. It's just that time of the year where everything falls into place. It's a moment when people start to re-think their priorities.

Also saw Steve Martin's "Shopgirl" in a sneak preview show. I gotta say Martin's writing is very strong, especially in the first 45 minutes of the film, the dialogue seems very real to me. Jason Schwartzman's performance is inspired, outgrowing his Max Fisher role in "Rushmore." Claire Danes seems out of place. You can see why she's the logical choice for the role, but it is just not a very appealing role.

The movies season has begun. The awards season is goingto begin. Life's just beginning.

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