Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I've got a right to play the blues

This weekend marked one of the most important weekends for the Clarence Turner Blues Band. We played two of our best and most successful gigs: Friday night at Bohemian Caverns and Saturday night at a church in Columbia, MD. Of course, the loyal and always fun Solid Gold Dancers showed up on Friday night, burning the dance floor with some nice blues dance. Sue, who is a Mary Ann Redmond fan and a producer from the local radio station, WRYR-LP 97.5 FM, also praised our performance, bought a CD, and said she would play "I'm Tore Down" during her show at 7:30 p.m. tonight. I'll be tuning in tonight.

If Friday night was a warmup night, then Saturday night was the main course. We played probably our best performance (The Blues Alley show comes super close) ever. The concert was sold out and about 150-170 attended. There was literally heartfelt applause after each inspired solo and the "Columbians" knew what they were hearing and clapping about. After the show, Sean said, "I wish every show was like this. That way, I'll just quit my job."

Bill Heid delivered some of the best solos I've heard him play, including a five-minute unaccompanied boogie woogie solo that brought the house down!! Afterwards, I asked Bill why he doesn't play like that all the time, he said he only shows off during big concerts like this because "it'll likely drive the audience nuts." Yeah, can you imagine doing something like that at Cafe Toulouse when people are there to get drunk and loud?

It was a memorable night of good music. Better yet, the Columbia Flier had a featured article about us and the 2nd Saturday concert series in general. Dennis Ottey, the organizer of the event, had something good to say about the band, and particularly, myself.

Well, I'm hoping these two shows will place Clarence Turner Blues Band on the next level. This is great timing because Clarence is embarking on his first European tour this weekend. He'll no doubt be a superstar over there in Amsterdam. I hope he'll remember me and those who have backed him when becomes a big star. I just want to take this opportunity to thank those who attended either of our performances this weekend and supported the band throughout the years. In particular, I would like to thank: Mr. & Mrs. Felix McClairen, Dave and Becky Weatherford, Fred, Sue, Sarah and the Solid Gold Dancers.

For those who have never approved of my playing, I'm still doing it and you can't stop me.

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