Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm not an eccentric

Some people criticize me for not liking mainstream pop music. That's not true. The last two big concerts I went to were Prince and Alicia Keys. And when James Taylor, Sting, Paul Simon, and even Beta Band comes out with a new CD, I usually go buy it or search for a cheaper version of it on eBay. My next acquisition is going to be the new Fiona Apple album, which I haven't purchased yet. But I've heard that it's "sublime" and "worth the wait." If any of you have heard it, even through the Borders listening station, let me know how you think it is.

I've followed Fiona for about 5 years now. I thought her first album "Tidal" hit the mass with a bang; and it was that good. The second "When the Pawn................." took an even further step towards fine artistry, even though it was a bit low-key. Musically speaking, it was refreshing, exciting, coherent, and most of all, pleasing to the ears. Some of the stuff out there may have great artistic value, but if it's melodically challenged, I might just stay home and listen to good ole Everly Brothers tunes like "All I Have to Do is Dream." What happened to the good old-fashioned love songs?

And I'm not that big of a fan for art-house movies. I saw the new Jodie Foster movie and I liked it a lot. See? I'm mainstream. Though I'm a Hank Mobley/Lee Morgan fan at heart, and I even liked the weird Wayne Shorter shit, I'm all for the good music and movies out there. Case in point: I even saw the horrible "War of the Worlds."

I'm not that discriminating. I'm merely trying to appreciate life without sacrificing my good taste.

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