Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It makes no difference now

Human emotions are a bitch! Sometimes you think you control your emotions but they just keep pouring on you like cold water. Because of that, I'm more awake these days. Ever since I returned from Hong Kong, I've been more disciplined, likable, and liked. I find myself more at peace and less concerned about my surroundings and mean things people try to do to me. In a way, it's doing me a lot of good. The Hong Kong trip was certainly the most momentus trip in recent months. It signified my family under one roof, one that lasted 28 plus years. I was born in that home. There's a lot of history in that home. My Dad often said I left home too young. I feel that I have never left. Every time I go back home it's like living my childhood all over again. Maybe I never lived my childhood to the fullest. Maybe I miss certain advantages being a child.

It's good to come back to a place where people still function properly. People are nicer to me. No more outdoor pool, but the sun's still shining. The moon liked great on the mid-autumn festival. I ate mooncake. Drank milk. Lived life. Thought nostalgic thoughts. Read books about twisted logic. Read newspapers. Saw "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Cannot complain much about life.

My soul is itching now. I want to scratch it but I don't know where the itching comes from. It's kinda funky. How do you stop your soul from itching?

Wish I could see Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown play "Okie Dokie Stomp."

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