Friday, September 16, 2005

The important stuff in life

Take risks.

Be straight forward. Speak your mind at appropriate times.

Be simple but not simplistic.

Learn to love and embrace the world except rude cab drivers.

When you're down and out, watch a Woody Allen movie to cheer you up or "The Mechanics of Commonality: How to be Successful in Life in 6 Easy Steps" to boost your morale.

Re-read Kafka.

Steal prose from Nabokov.

Analyze the different between early Rock N'Roll and R&B (not Kanye West R&B).

If you can't sleep, read some Clarence Thomas majority opinions.

Google the name of the boy/girl you had a crush on in fifth grade.

Think about the funniest Mr. Bean episode you've watched.

Write a check to yourself and postmark it 1/1/2006.

Laugh. Laugh.

Laugh out loud.

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