Monday, September 12, 2005

I need a spare moment to think

The jetlag's kicking in. I'm finally back after a rather successful trip to Hong Kong. What have I learned?

I learned the Hong Kong Disneyland has created more problems than it can solve. I've heard arguments that Hurricane Katrina is God's answer to Bush. I think Roberts is a duchebag and he does not have the capacity to replace Rehnquist. Two blues legends passed: R.L. Burnside and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Fats Domino was found in a systematic rescue and he said, "We've lost everything."

I'm listening to a tape that I made roughly 11 years ago, capturing a 90-minute performance from Chris Shepard, a teacher that I admired and a folk singer/guitarist.

My best quality is being nostalgic about everything and romanticizing everything. I found two test papers from my elementary school period and I'll post them online soon.

Money can buy love; but money cannot buy the feeling of when one first falls in love. And most of us want to be a relationship in order to repossess that feeling.

It's obviously more healthy to love than to hate. It's hard to love the world, especially given that there are many rude cab drivers.

I found this on ebay:

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