Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Being Lloyd Dobler

"Say Anything" is a movie that I often re-visit because it gives me comfort and every time I watch it I learn new subtle details about the movie. Most of all, I idolize the Lloyd Dobler character. Perhaps it is John Cusack's pitch-perfect performance that brings out the best in Lloyd Dobler.

Subconsiously I have always wanted to be Lloyd Dobler or act out some of his qualities in real life. He's the world's greatest guy: sweet, naive about life, devoted to relationships, and true to his friends. He has almost no flaws. And everybody in that movie has some sort of sweet innocence about them, even the girl's father (played by John Mahoney). When he was in the department store, he said to the sales clerk, "You've the best smile I've seen all week."

I remember after the first time I watched the movie I asked myself, "Where on earth do you find such cool people?" From then on, I've tried to model my behavior after some of these characters, most notably Lloyd Dobler.

Then I realize it's not easier being Lloyd, because many people try to prevent you from being like him. If you're nice to them, they take advantage of you or play games. Girls mistreat Dobler-esque guys because they pose no challenge to them. How I'd like to hold a stereo above my head in the middle of the night in Diane Court's courtyard blasting Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes"!

But Lloyd is not without suffering. When he's first dumped by Diane, he says, "I gave her my heart; she gave me a pen." Been there, done that. Really, Lloyd Dobler is an average Joe that has triumphed over life and love. He's the champion of the common man. A person who understands it all by not actively seeking to understand it.

Somewhere somehow some girls will allow their men to be their Lloyd Dobler, a term more noble than just Prince Charming. If you have found your Lloyd, let me know. Guys, if one day you realize you can really be like Lloyd Dobler, you've found the one.

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