Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Speaking of sophistication

Life is short; we've got to be sophisticated. We're not doing it to impress people, but to experience life a little bit. For example, driving a luxurious car, eating a truly prime steak at a classy steakhouse, drinking a bottle of vintage red wine, and listening to Mozart live at the Kennedy Center, etc. Of course, one needs to have firm financial foundations before one can do it. But you can always tag along with rich friends. As I have mentioned before, class comes with taste which comes from life experience. Why not let you life experience be a little richer?

Also, a meticulous mind is a thinking mind. Most people are workaholics these days. They work long hours and then go home and watch Jay Leno. No time to think, re-think, ponder, consider. I always reserve a time for myself to think things through. I do it at the pool, when I'm running, when I'm reading, etc. Sometimes you get much more deep thoughts out of drinking a cup of coffee and people-watching than sitting in front of the computer all day trying to churn out the best accounting solution.

Einstein longed for two things in life, "simplicity" and "straight-forwardness." They're not mutually exclusive. But Einstein had a lot of love for the world. The more I live in DC, the more I grow to hate some people, especially cab drivers. It's a tough duty to share the love. That is a lesson that I am still learning. At this moment, I am at the point where I "love those who deserve to be loved." Einstein even loved those who didn't deserve it.

There are a lot of new, state-of-the-art items that confuse people: Aveda body wash, mini iPods, shiatsu shampoo, 50 Cent ring tones, long distance phone plans, organic vegetarian meals, plasma TVs with five different remote controls. When you buy a DVD, there are even five different versions to choose from: full screen, widescreen, hearing-impaired, Director's cut with the director's comments, Director's cut without the director's comments. Or special edition vs. non-special edition.

Why does life have to be so complicated?

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