Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My heart belongs to Daddy

I just updated my photo section on my website. Do check it out!

My friend Michele's Mom suffered from a stroke in her brain stem on Sunday afternoon and is now in a coma. She's in the hospital and the doctors say she's in a critical condition. Please keep Michele and her family in your prayers. She's a strong person and I know she'll pull through, but any degree of moral support is meaningful.

I'm going to NYC this weekend, though it's not necessarily a vacation. I'll try to do something vacation-like in midst of my mysterious trip. Maybe hit Blue Note for a show or whatnot.

Not much going on in DC this summer. It's hot, hot, hot! I do have a funny story to share: I played at Toulouse last Saturday. There were these people who praised me for my playing. I told them to check out my website for my live schedule. One of the girls thought I said my "life's schedule." I said I used to have my life's schedule when I first started my website, but then I got too many stalkers.

Then she screamed, "Who the hell would stalk YOU?"

That's all folks.

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