Friday, July 15, 2005

Does life imitate art or does art imitate life?

I would call this the most anticipated movie for me this year. Cameron Crowe has become one of my favorite directors because he writes real dialogue and his characters are like people we know. They are like us. Movies like "Almost Famous" and "Say Anything" restore faith in the human race and remind you and me that we're indeed cool people, despite what everyone may say. Every time I watch a Cameron Crowe film (except "Vanilla Sky," which I haven't seen), it has a deep impact within me. Somehow my personal experience resonates with the characters', and it feels like home. So I look forward to Elizabethtown, though the premise sounds similar to that of "Garden State." I remain hopeful.

I also found this cool website about "The Office." It has a lot of minor details and trivia stuff. A must see for "The Office" fans.

I was listening to a Hank Mobley song entitled "This I dig of you." In addition to the melodic tune, the title kicks major league booty. The next time I see a cool gal or guy I'm gonna say, "This I dig of you." See what their reaction will be. I may not be a Dead Head or a loyal Dylan fan, but I'm an avid Hank Mobley fan. You dig!

So it was my birthday yesterday. It was as laid-back as I'd like it too, and it made me feel good. I hope every one of my birthdays will be as laid-back as this one.

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