Thursday, June 02, 2005

Time for an update

Seems like lots of people (both invited and uninvited) have been reading my blog, I feel that it's probably time to give an update. I was gone for four days, but it seemed like forever. And it's a good feeling. I'm well rested and recharged and ate so much. And I feel refreshed.

My brother graduated from Hopkins last Thursday. Al Gore was his graduation speaker. While the first 5 minutes of his speech were mildly amusing when he compared to his treatment now vs. when he was VP (he claims he has to take off his shoes to get through airport security), the rest of his speech was pretty dull. He pretty much used up all the graduates' and the spectators' time to talk about global warming, a topic that is important yet not appropriate for college graduation. I would like to extend my congratulations to my bro and wish him the best success in his future endeavors.

We flew to Logan Aiport on Friday and met up with my uncle. Then we headed towards Wolfeboro, NH to see my cousin's graduation at Brewster Academy. The Commencement was on Saturday, so we arrived one day early to get ready. I also met up with one of my good friends from Hong Kong and NMH, Yu Lui, who's now a Math teacher at Brewster. It was great fun. We had dinner at Garwood Friday night and my brother sat in the bandstand for an unexpected "Heartbreak Hotel." Saturday was gorgeous. Took many pictures. My cousin's graduation was also very inspirational. Good speech from valedictorian who had a pie on his face after he finished his speech.

Then we headed to Boston on Sunday. Spent some time on Newbury Street, Chinatown, and my favorite CD store Stereo Jack's at Harvard Square. My five-year absence from New England turned out to be worth the wait because I still remember my way around the city. The stores seem to be all there without alteration. Caught Sax Gordon's cool jazz trio at the Top of the Hub Monday night.

Came back Tuesday morning. Still New England bound. I'll be back next weekend for NMH reunion and a Frank's Pub appearance. Can't wait.

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