Tuesday, June 14, 2005

O Alma Mater!!

I haven't been so happy in a long time.

I went back to my 10th year HS graduation this weekend, and boy, was that fun! It was a weekend of endless drinking and partying and catching up with some fine folks. In fact, I first got to know some folks during this reunion only. I feel like I have redeemed myself after 13 years. I finally received the respect/admiration/recognition that I deserved. It was long overdue, but it made me feel that I haven't wasted my 13 years in the US doing my thang. And moments like this make you realize there's some reason to keep doing what you do.

On an even more positive note, all these pretty girls who wouldn't talk to me during HS hung out with me a lot this weekend. We shared some very nice moments together, albeit shortlived. This also happened before I told them I was a lawyer and a harmonica player. Damn, that felt good! I wonder if girls mature faster than men. At our age, girls are probably thinking about settling down, starting a family, and acquiring top quality male species as their husbands. We men still think about how to pick up girls at a bar and getting drunk and wasted. "Dude" is still hip; it's depressing. Anyway, I feel like my mojo's definitely working again, thanks to these amazing ladies.

I left my home early Friday morning and drove about 8 hours. Arrived in Northfield at 7:30 p.m. and just missed the dinner. So I grabbed a couple of bananas from West Hall and joined the hymn worship on the Mt. Hermon Chapel. Wow, that pipe organ was so spectacular. It's almost a shame that when I used to come to this chapel, I didn't admire this pipe organ enough. What a beautiful chapel! Then we went back to East Hall and the fun began.

Some people suggested that we should crash the Class of 2000 party at Marquand, and we found out they were having a pool party at one of the parents' Beverly Hills-esque home somewhere in Northfield, MA. So we went uninvited and took over the party and showed them who was the cooler class. The weather was hot and muggy so jumping into the pool was the logical thing to do.

Saturday was an all-day party. Lunch under the tent. Class photo outside East Hall. Re-watched the class video (though some of us got bored). Opened the time capsule and found some stupid stuff I wrote. Also found a piece from the Bridge Adiyasa wrote (sadly he didn't come back for reunion). He said, "I like MH better than Northfield b/c MH is more beautiful. It's more beautiful because the most beautiful girl lives on this campus." I know who that is too.

Saw some of the very aggressive and competitive ultimate frisbee game. Went to Greenfield. Went to the ice-cream store. Went back to Northfield to prepare for our class dinner. Sat in with the Ben Shippee for a couple of songs. Impressed the hell of my classmates. More chicks flocked to me. I was the talk of the town. Went back to East and drank and chat and partied a little more. I was exhausted and went to bed. I heard some people partied until dawn. Whatever!

Sunday was farewell time. I didn't try to make it too sentimental. "See you in five years" was my motto though they are a few people I want to keep in touch with in the next months or so. But a reunion isn't a reunion without certain cool people. It was very meaningful to me. NMH was a very special place and is always reserved in the VIP compartment of my heart. Memories are truly made of these.

The rest of weekend was excellent too. Boston and Fort Lee and then some. I drove back on the NJ Turnpike with a big grin on my face. Listening to Coltrane, Cypress Hill, James Taylor, Digable Planets, etc. never was more joyful. It's interesting how a weekend can do that to you.

I know right now I'm very happy.

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