Thursday, June 16, 2005

I usually don't do forwards, but...

...this one from Munish is quite hilarious. So here it is.


So Wacko Jacko is innocent after all. Brilliant. Now I am going to have 5 kids and send them all to Neverland. I always knew he was such a wonderful role model.

I can see it now; he can dangle them over the terrace, hug them, kiss them, sleep with them, and drink wine together... it all brings a tear to my eye. What is particularly pleasing is that it all has such a happy ending - even the jurors, all clearly good wonderful examples of the American people have become the closest friends, as one juror pointed out. They were so diligent because they took notes until their thumbs were tired - that is convinving proof he is innocent.

It touches me right to the bottom of my heart. Ohhhhhhh, I am swelling up, hang on, I just got teary eyed, no hang on, I am now totally overwhelmed and balling... now I am crying with such joy. "I love you all" - I have this urge to share my joy and love with all the "PYT" children in the world. Like Michael said, "the girl is mine." Then I'm going to bleach my skin... after all it doesn't matter if you're black and white...

Take care all


PS just in case this email gets in the wrong hands and I am sued for defamation: The opinions expressed in this opinion are not my own and are purely created for comedic effect and I accept Michael Jackson has been cleared of all charges... LOL.

"Don't stop till you get enough"
Michael Jackson

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