Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The downside of anger

Well, Russell Crowe sure needs anger management. This is a man who thinks more highly of himself than he actually is.

I'm so out of the loop in celebrity gossip that I don't want to comment on any of those topics.

Got a couple of very encouraging e-mail from old friends and a photo journal of a friend who just went to the Netherlands, Luthuania and Egypt. Nice photos. It's important that there are people who lift you up while everybody's trying to drag you down, including the couple of Northwest attendants at BWI, and other poor service industry people I encountered lately. DC's notorious for its poor service industry. Don't know why. But why should an educated/sophisticated person like me risk losing my brain cells trying to argue with these people whether the photo on my ID is indeed me?

Now I know why Russell Crowe struck the telephone at the hotel manager.

Anger doesn't have a name. It just occurs.

Then when you rest your soul on a comfortable couch or beach chair, all your troubles seemingly go away. Patience is an art.

So I can't wait to leave for New England again. There's an unwelcoming vibe in DC right now coming from the service industry people and people who are jealous of others' success. Not to mention cab drivers.

The cab drivers of the world are waging a war against me and peaceful people like me. Now take this: peaceful people do not like being taken advantage of.

Just like Greta Garbo: leave me the F alone!

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