Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Do you speak English?

Duff and I were saying that there's a general bad vibe going on in DC. Ever since I came back from New England, I'm once again surrounded by this vibe, though I'm still in a good mood due to my strong will.

I was in Alexandria last Thursday night. This light-skinned black female in her early 20's approached me and began her opening line.

Her: Do you speak English?

Me: Yeah.

Her: I'm three months pregnant, and I need money....

Me: Hold on. Word of advice. Next time you ask somebody for money, don't start off with an insult. Because I really was considereding giving you money until your opening line hurt my feelings. Now I'm giving you nothing.

This was not the first time I encountered the line, "Do you speak English?" I may have an accent, but I speak English fine. Thank you very much.

Racism is still alive and well. It is just in a different form.

Not even beggars are humble in DC.

I gave up!

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