Friday, June 17, 2005

DJ Hank - a name I haven't heard in a decade

And someone called me this name during my reunion weekend. It was nice to know that some people still remember that name. I didn't spin or scratch or anything in high school. I just hosted a radio show with MC Rob at WNMH 91.5 FM. We played oldies, classic rock and blues, and talked non-sense for about 2 hours a week. People at Gould used to listen to it when they were in line for Saturday brunch. And Matty Dunne called up and said we're the funniest people ever. I also jockeyed at a couple of school dances, and I played cool rap music. Me and rap music? Can you believe it? Those days were fun.

Not to be sentimental or anything, but that period of my life was golden. I had no real worries or financial burdens. I cared about getting good grades and making a good impression out of faculty members. I would've invested a little more on people had I had a more outgoing personality. But would people still remember me as "DJ Hank"?

Saw "Batman Begins" last night. It was unrecognizable as the DC Comics franchise. The first 60 minutes could've been the beginning of Jim Jamursch's "Ghost Dog," for Christ's sake. And the credits didn't appear until the end of the movie. A lot of people thought they were in the wrong theatre. Chris Nolan has transformed the cult comic hero into an anti-hero - What a brave choice using "American Psycho's" Christian Bale as Batman! Bale is still the same character in "American Psycho" but with a bat suit on. Cool supporting cast as well. However, I find the star-glittering cast a little too distracting and underused. What a waste of space when you have Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Tom Wilkinson, Ken Watanabe on screen together? Cillian Murphy stands out as "Scarecrow." In fact, he's scarier without his mask on. Reminds me of my friend Sven. Katie Holmes was wrongly casted - she should play Tom Cruise's daughter in "War of the Worlds" instead.

In short, "Batman Begins" was simply Chris Nolan's excuse to use Warner Bros' huge budget to make another "Memento." For pure movie buffs, it was a treat! For others who look for a prequel to Val Kilmer's or George Clooney's dark knight, well, they better go watch the new Hilary Duff flick instead.

I failed to mention I had fun in East Brookfield, MA and Fort Lee, NJ on Sunday. My friend/bass player extraordinaire DK set me up a mini-gig in Frank's Pub. He's wonderful and heard something special in my playing. Played with some final local musicians and had a blast. The Massachusetts blues listening crowd is more enthusiastic and encouraging than the DC blues jam crowd. It was a great feeling. My friend James showed up too and we had some good fish and chips at the Clam Box.

This weekend was just beautiful and I didn't want it to end...

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