Monday, June 27, 2005

Blogging and eating

I've realized my blog entries lately have been mostly positive and sunny, in contrast to the dark and skeptical ones in the past two years. I've also discovered many people read my blog but fail to leave comments. That's OK. Most of these people are harmless ones who are curious about my largely boring (but sometimes exciting) daily life. However, some of these people have ill or vicious motifs and hope to find something in my blog, take it out of context and try to defame me in another medium. I'm not going to name names, but an incident occurred last Thursday night somewhere in DC makes me well aware of this situation.

"So I heard you have a blog, right?"
"[Someone] told me you wrote something bad about me. I've never read your blog, but I just want to verify from the original source that this ain't true."
"I never wrote anything bad about you. Why would I?"
"Just heard it through the grapevine."
"In fact, I don't think I even mentioned you once in my blog, let alone write something bad about you."
"I only write something bad about people who dropped the bomb on me first. Self-defense, you know?"

But my blog is not about people-bashing. I praise people more than I criticize them in my space. Cyberspace breeds cowards. People now can enter a forum or a BBS with a pseudonym and start posting inflammatory messages about someone and not be responsible for it. Or they start a fake e-mail address and start telling people to go to hell. Yeah, sure you can trace their IP address and stuff, but the point is, they don't have to be responsible for their speech. Similarly, people read my blog and they defame not on my blog but on other bulletin boards. If you have the guts, debate me here (there's a comment section) or better yet, debate with me in person. I assure you that you will lose, because you're a coward.

I'm gonna end my negative vibe right here and start saying something more sunny.

The weather's nice, do yourself a favor and hang out by the pool and listen to Bob Marley. These days I have few worries. I'm not angry any more. I sleep like baby every night. Summer's here and I'm taking advantage of the pool, sunlight, reggae music, and everything nice under the sun.

I hear Chad & Jeremy.

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