Monday, May 09, 2005

Good morning heartache...

...was a song that Alicia Keys sang last Tuesday. She did a pretty good job at it.

Ever since I'm back in the Chitlin Circuit, there are people who welcome me back and people who try to drag me down. You see, humans are complex beings who tend to create troubles of their own and then get stuck and complain. Between that and my daily routine, ramblings, and activities, I'm just happy as "a pig in shit," to borrow one of my friend's sayings.

There are a couple of cool things. Gavin finally launched his website, an overdue one. Now I have no trouble finding out where he plays. I haven't heard his playing since he returned from the Netherlands. How pathetic is that?

I also discovered this great hot jazz singer from New Orleans called Linnzi Zaorski. Wow, she sounds like one of those old 30's & 40's recordings from Helen Humes, Ma Rainey, and her arrangements sound like that of Django Reinhardt/Stephane Grappeli's gypsy music. I've been listening to her songs for about four days straight and haven't got bored of it. She's my new favorite since Lisa Ekdahl. I hope she'll be a star someday. It's good stuff. Reminds me of the opening credits in Woody Allen movies. If you feel nostaglic, you should just get her CDs. Brings back early memories.

Jeff, if you want to sell me one of your iPods, I'm willing to pay $90 for it.

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