Monday, May 16, 2005

Fries with that?

The Eggfest turned out to be a lovely Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of a corporate warehouse. Let's call it a gourmet food festival. Unlimited beer, food, and a green chair. The sun wasn't so fierce so we were able to sit under it without getting burned listening to some mediocre blues, and really savoring Todd's Spanish ribs, which disappeared literally within seconds. They were so good. Todd's a genius, and so were we for participating in this insider thing. A best kept secret if you asked me. What a treat!

My 10th year high school reunion is coming up soon. I'm rather excited to go back. The 5th year one was a trip and I can only imagine what's going to happen this year. I love my alma mater and this is a good chance to see if people have put on some weight so I can laugh at them. We'll be able to find out if people do change after all these years. My inclination is that they don't. Let's see if I'm correct about this one.

Brunch with good friends is also a treat on Sunday afternoons. Shooting the breeze, reminicsing old times, getting encourgement from those who will trust you no matter what. Life isn't so bad after all. There are a handful people I know who are genuinely kind. Very kind. They are few and far between, but there are some in this world. Grab them; don't let them go.

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