Friday, April 22, 2005

Went to U-Topia last nite

...with Greg. Didn't find Wayne, just Dave and Jim, but found Eli stepping into Wayne's shoes. Highlight of the evening was running into Gavin Fallow after his much anticipated return from the Netherlands. He brought his six-string electric bass and it was Gavin-istic as usual. Sat down with his homies and started spilling his guts. This is a player I miss. Didn't get a chance to hear him play but the opportunity will come. When he introduced me to his homies, he said, "Henry plays blues. Real blues." Best compliment I've received all week, and coming from one of the best bassists I've ever heard...I'm indeed flattered.

The other great compliment I got was after I sat in with Natural Born Easy at Music Box last week, this guy came to me and said, "You sound like one of those old Chess blues recordings." Finally, someone recognized because that's what I've been trying to do from the get go.

I'm just doing my thang. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

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