Monday, April 18, 2005

Hot or not so hot?

I haven't done an official weekend update in awhile, but here it is. People are still mean, but these days I get by.

Friday night I went to see Greg and the guys at Mayorga Coffee. Shit! Best coffee I've tasted in awhile. They are serious about their coffee. Nice venue too. Real cozy for music that is soothing and quiet. I'm sick of wearing earplugs to wherever I go these days. It was soul-healing, both music and coffee. After that I went to the newly opened Music Box to drop off my promo package. Incidentally (or is it?), my friend Scott's band Natural Born Easy (a Dead-Phish cover jam band) was playing. They invited me to play a couple of songs with them and advertised my gig there on June 17. How cool! Hey guys, seriously, this is a new music venue y'all should support.

Saturday I took Paul to Archie's Barbershop after our lesson. It was good to return after about 2 years of absence. To our surprise, we found folk legend Warner Williams playing his guitar and singing some tunes. It was good to see some old friend again, and some not so old. I congratulated Mike Baytop for this "Keep the Blues Alive Award" from WC Handy. I'm still not a big fan of aimless jamming and trying to go with the flow and stuff. Maybe that's why I don't go to jams anymore. Or just because I'm busy. The gig at Toulouse wasn't so hot, partly because Sean broke his rib in the shower, and partly because Clarence isn't a big fan of Adams Morgan parking. The crowd was weird but we did our thang. We'll be playing this Saturday with DC legend Whop Frazier.

Sunday was just chilling (NOT!). Worked many hours on this contract and later treated myself to Oldboy, a crazy Korean movie. It was partly a masterpiece and partly a failure. It was a masterpiece because it has many elements of intense energy, a la Scorsese's early films like Taxi Driver and King of Comedy. It was a failure because the story was really about nothing. Perhaps it pokes fun at Korean culture and Korean people. The actor is excellent and he's the one who makes an unbelievable movie believable. The film is very violent. Not recommended if you have small children or a pregnant wife.

I'm going to yoga today after a week of absence. I need to restore clarity, integrity, a little bit of raw energy. So long, everybody.

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