Thursday, April 14, 2005

Give back my cookie jar, you punk!

Max linked an excerpt of my Pam memorial recount on Pam's website. I'm indeed honored. Check out the nice banner he's made for me.

Lots of nice musical things going on in town. Too many shows. Too little time. I'm going to see the Washington Bach Consort show at Library of Congress tomorrow night. At the same time, two concerts are happening. One is a dream jazz team at the IMAX theatre at the Natural History Museum starring Keter Betts, Norman Simmons, Warren Vache, Harry Allen and Eddie Locke (bummer I have to miss this). The other one is my proteges DC Groove Quartet at Mayorga Coffee in Bethesda, starring Greg Pace, Duff Davis, Kris Friday and Kevin.

Britney is pregnant. What can I say?

In the other areas of life, I'm slowing getting back to the groove. There are finally a few movies I want to see: Fever Pitch, Eros, and Oldboy. Any takers? Also, Kung Fu Hustle is going to hit big in the theatres soon. Highly recommended. Saw the real Dru Lore at Toulouse last week. Still legendary as usual. What strikes me is that the fake Dru Lore (on American Idol) has more Dru Lore characteristics than the real Dru Lore. What does that tell ya?

People only treat you as the real thing if you treat them as such. Annapolis on a Wednesday night is full of life, pretty girls, and people dressed in naval academy uniforms.

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