Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Another jazz legend passed

Bobby Short, 80, jazz cabaret singer, died Monday of leukemia. I was first exposed to Bobby's unique music from Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters when Woody takes cokehead Dianne Wiest to Cafe Carlyle to hear Bobby Short and she falls asleep. He was singing the song "I'm in Love Again" and I was deeply moved by his powerful, elegant style with lush texture.

In fact, Cafe Carlyle was Bobby's musical home for about 35 years. Besides Short, Woody Allen and his New Orleans jazz band performs at Cafe Carlyle every Monday.

I was having a Woody Allen moment this Sunday when Count Basie Orchestra was playing in the background in Olsson's bookstore and my cell phone rang...

I'm in love again
And the spring is coming
I'm in love again
Hear my heartstrings humming

What a treat!

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