Tuesday, March 29, 2005

48th Street Chicago Blues. Beginning or end?

So sad to have heard that 48th Street will be closed down soon. It is the only blues club in Hong Kong where musicians hang out and have a good time. Humbly speaking, I have paid my dues there. If it wasn't for Tommy for giving me the opportunity to play with his band when I was back home in the winter of 2003, I wouldn't have been where I am today. Tommy has left a few heartfelt words here and I truly feel it.

In the past four years, Tommy has provided a platform for musicians to find their edge and mature. Every time I go back to Hong Kong, I'd go to 48th Street to show my support for live music and to have fun. I have played with some of the best musicians in town and made a few friends. That is what live music should be all about. Thanks Tommy and Koya san and the like for turning me from a guy who plays almost no harp to a guy who plays some harp.

All we can hope now is for the best. The music will live, and the spirit will never die. Let's keep the blues alive.

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