Monday, February 07, 2005

Who can I turn to?

Wings or run? Hard decision.

No music this weekend. Perfect opportunity to lay low for the weekend. Ended up at a semi-Superbowl dinner thing watching Paul McCartney kick ass and not caring about the results. Need to re-watch Kung Fu Hustle. Now I understand why we need to fight piracy because of its bad quality.

My main man Edward has released his first music video on this site. I haven't seen it yet but will. He's what I call a true music genius (an original cat) with lots of great ideas. He may be the next Pete Yorn or Coldplay (musically he's even on a higher level). And I hate alternative rock. Look who's talking.

I'm gigging a lot lately, for which I'm grateful. And the Elisa Martin Crosby Fundraiser thing is coming up soon. Same lineup as last year. Is that qualified for pro bono work for Maryland? I hope so. Anyway, more details coming up. But you can't beat a night of good blues music for charity.

Also, my good friend Lyle Link is having his quartet at the Old Twins (Colorado Ave.) this weekend, I'm thinking of checking it out. It should be a fine quartet. Any takers?

Mondays are boring. Would someone leave me a nice thought or tell me something funny in the Comments section below, please?

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