Wednesday, February 02, 2005

On a musical note

Let's talk music! My harmonica idol William Tang has a new album out called The Other Side. Will is releasing the CD on Feb 1, 2005 as part of his Hong Kong tour. I've heard that it's been very successful and he has also been meeting with his harp fans and friends. Good luck, Will.

My buddies Band of Blue have been taking a hiatus from gigging, but they won 3rd place in the Fortune Magazine Battle of the Bands in Cleveland, OH and their website has launched some saucy sound bites from past gigs. It's a great collection of laid-back, soulful music. Look for yours truly on the harmonica on some of the songs.

Last but not least, my roommate Greg and good friends Duff, Kris and Kevin have recorded some demos that can be found on this page. Check them out! The website is Duff's baby. He's a good guitar teacher and gives good lessons, the last time I checked. So do yourself a favor and give this site a visit.

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