Saturday, February 12, 2005

Musical Friday

I cancelled all my plans today. Ditched the happy hour at Ozio's. Also didn't go to see either Fathead Newman at the new Twins or buddy Lyle Link at the old Twins. Just sat home watching a New Orleans jazz fest video and listening to Jeff's pirated copy (not pejorative in any way) of Jimmy Smith's "8 Counts of Rita," and Joe Stanley's honking saxophone. Enjoying a truly relaxed Friday night at the crib with me and my music.

Gig got cancelled last minute at Zig's (I swear I'll never play there again, but they've got three really attractive waitresses working there. They're really attractive!). Good thing Jeff didn't do this one. Can you imagine driving close to 2 hours from Baltimore and finding out the gig wasn't happening on the spot? Their excuse was lame. They said to us at 9:30 no one has come in (but there were close to 20 people at the bar) and our gig was supposed to start at 10. They also told us we should've been doing soundcheck at 7. Do they really think they're Kennedy Center? Whatever!

Musically speaking, I might be heading toward another break. Big Joe Maher has agreed to do 4 dates with me. What an honor. On top of that, Jeff Sarli has agreed to do 2 of the 4 Big Joe/Sonny Boy dates. Jeff Sarli's an artist that needs no introduction. He is an accoustic bass stylist. He currently gigs with John Mooney, Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana (Elvis's original guitarist and drummer), Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun, and recorded with none other than the Rolling Stones. We had a nice talk on the phone today, where we talked about everything from music to life. This cat is cool, and he agrees to do those dates with no hesitation, though he warned me "I'm going to fly to Italy this Friday and I'll gonna be at the New Orleans Jazz Fest at the end of April." I said, "No problem, man."

I also updated my past gig schedule on my website. This is by no means a complete list, and I was doing it straight from memory so I might miss a few gigs. For one, I didn't list all those weeks playing at Ledbetter with Clarence and at Cafe Toulouse with Jesse James cuz that would be too much. But this list is a pretty good representation of my musical journey thus far. There were a few bad gigs in between (like NYE party w/ Johnny Ticktin and a couple of Europa gigs), but I will admit that I was content with 80% of the shows. For instance, I played a dynamite show with Clarence in Timonium this Wednesday and gigs like that are memorable. My favorite gigs so far are both DC Blues Festivals, African-American Heritage Festival, Live at Arlington TV, Benefit for Moses Munene, the first Twins gig, the first Jammin' Java gig w/ BOB, and of course Blues Alley.

So my gut tells me I must be doing somethin' right...

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