Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The end of blogging?

What happened? Hmcd is semi-retired. Brian has closed down his life journal before the scheduled date (2/14/05). Doc Conlin and Krawdaddee are not blogging as frequently as before. Other blogs are just not as interesting and well-written. Who else is there to satisfy my voyeuristic interests?

Perhaps blogging is a waste of time (as James and I so discussed), but reading other people's blogs is kinda like a daily activity, e.g. reading the morning newspaper with your customary cup of coffee. Sitting down in front of the computer reading other people's supposedly private thoughts has become one of my favorite pasttimes in the last year. Yeah, I'm a literary Peeping Tom.

Is it a phase or does it have permanancy? Does blogging keep people closer or make us more distant? I think it keeps us closer because it allows like-minded individuals to link up each other electronically. It puts a distance between us because you don't feel the need to meet the actual person to truly comprehend her thoughts. Words are just words. They may look good on the screen but when you see the authors in real life, what losers, what social rejects, what inept human beings? Case in point, there are a few of my blogsphere buddies whom I have not met in real life. How pathetic is that?

On that note, farewell to those who decided to leave the blogsphere. I'm still here. Pay me a visit once in a bluemoon maybe you'll learn something.

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