Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The blues comes in all shapes and forms

This is the blues. The Father of Hammond B-3 organ Jimmy Smith passed away today. This is to reaffirm that jazz organ (with the left hand bass) is a dying genre. I saw Jimmy Smith twice (both at 9:30 Club and both times he had an electric bass player and both times he was mean as hell.) But it was like going to the pilgrims. I didn't regret seeing him, for I was witnessing someone who was great and was the innovator of a genre of jazz. There are few and far between folks who still play the traditional B-3 RIGHT these days. I can think of Dr. Lonnie Smith, Joey DeFrancesco, Jimmy McGriff, Mel Rhyne, Larry Goldings, Reuben Wilson, and my main man Bill Heid....shit, can't even count with ten fingers. Check out Pete Fallico's tribute to Jimmy Smith here.

Keep the music alive!

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