Thursday, February 17, 2005

5 silver dollars

I need help from my beloved readers. I was at church the other day and we were each given 5 silver dollars. The passage of the Bible of that day had to do with the master giving 100, 200 and 500 bushels to his servants, and the last two came back with double the amount where the first one put it in the ground and bury it and give back to the master the original 100 bushels. The master scolded the servant "lazy." You've all heard the story. So the exercise is to use our talents to make these 5 silver dollars become more money so we can give back to the church on Easter's Sunday. Now I'm pretty stuck.

I have the time between now and April to do this. What I can I do? I can't bake and I can't sew. So those are out of the question. Can someone come up with some pragmatic suggestions of what I can do to invest the 5 silver dollars wisely? Please, I need help.

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