Monday, January 31, 2005

What a weekend!

Two gigs! A missing bass player. Lots of snow. A little comfort. M$B turned out to be a good movie, very unexpected twist. What else can I say? Go see it for yourself.

I don't feel real.

Finally gave the much talked about L-Word a chance. Totally disappointed. This is a far cry from Sex and the City. The dialogue is shallow, pretentious and hardly audible (due to bad recording). I can't imagine lesbians actually talk like that (don't they often say they're just like everybody else?). And why are they all attractive? Aren't lesbians supposed to be everyday women who we see at supermarkets and post offices? Above all, the acting! Never seen such bad acting in my life. Can somebody tell me what's the big deal about this show? For well-written lesbian dialogue, watch Kissing Jessica Stein. That's a much more superior film than this L piece of crap.

I won't watch another episode of the L-Word.

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