Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The snow comes a bit late...

...just in time to join me in boycotting the Inauguration. Frankly, no one gives a damn. Besides federal workers and a few people who work on the hill, most folks have work tomorrow. BBC just announced that 82% of the world thinks the world is becoming less safe because of Bush's second term. Ironically, Condelezza Rice confirms that she'll do everything within her power to assist Bush in conquering the globe. Mel Gibson also says his wife will not be "saved" since she's not Catholic. I don't think Beyonce will be saved either but I still she's a hottie. Did you all watch "American Midgets" last night?

In midst of usual DC neurosis, a comforting thought from Krawdaddee popped up on his blog, beginning with our brief encounter at U-Topia with the comment "Bill Heid's rapid fire non-PC sarcasm deserves a whole blog entry to do it justice" and ending with "Henry's blue harp playing is the real deal." Very comforting indeed because Mr. Cross also thinks Mark Hummel is the real deal. Also comforting because this is coming from someone who appreciates this music. Same guy who observes "Buddy Guy never finishes a song at his concerts." A true and accurate statement.

I felt relieved. Justice comes in a piecemeal fashion.

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