Monday, January 03, 2005

First thing first

Click on this link to support UNICEF's actions to aiding the tsunami victims in South Asia. This is no doubt the BIGGEST disaster in my lifetime and I urge every effort to help these people. Comparatively, what's my suffering to these people? Everything seems so trivial now. Yet I still complain a lot, shame on me.

There are still things to say about my Cali/Vegas trip, such as the bloodbath on the basketball court amongst cousins and playing a gig at the Pig with Ed to pretty much apathetic Hollywood people. It all seems so distant now. And with the tsunami being the center of the attention, my bleeding toe seems like a blessing in disguise.

NYE weekend was nice, despite Willie & Reed's terrible gesture to cheat us out of our money. Well, compared to the tsunami victims, it's nothing. But still a stingy thing. Applied to a couple of new jobs and heard about an unfortunate layoff of a friend. Heading to NYC this weekend to take a test. Wish me luck. Any NY people want to hang out with me?

I wish I had better things to say or made a more meaningful conclusion. Well, I still like most people out there and dislike those who dislike me for no reason. I hate people who elevate themselves by pushing other people down. I hate people who are jealous of my success out of spite. I despise people who talk on cell phones outside of Starbucks because they are bored and just want to talk to someone. I like fake Californians because at least they make the effort to be fake. People who are full of themselves can go to hell.

But I like most people. You might be one of them.

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