Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What a blockhead!

Yesterday I had a daydream. Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said without hesitation, "Natalie Portman."

Howard Stern interviewed this retarded guy this morning. He asked the guy to describe his girlfriend. "Does she have moustaches?" "Yes, under her arm and on her breasts." Robin and Arty were dumbfounded. Howard was smart enough to figure out he thought tattooes were moustaches. Laughed my ass off. It's stuff like this that makes me love Howard.

Saw the Charlie Brown Christmas Special last night. What a treat! I never saw the second installment, but it was fantastic. The gags are a little bit fragmented and not tied together, but some moments were just brilliant. For example, this ugly next-door neighbor goes to Charlie Brown's house to demand his X'mas tree back, he says, "Hey, do you have a sister who has yellow hair or something?" Yes, he's referring to Sally. And what adults say don't mean shit! Gotta love that.

I found this interesting article in which the author compares Charles Schulz to Sartre. This is fascinating stuff. The author even puts Schulz in the same league as Vonnegut and Heller. He concludes the article by saying, "If any character has shown us the difficulties in existence, it is Charlie Brown."

That said, Christmastime is here, folks.

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