Thursday, December 09, 2004

Is it going to pour tonight?

So Gavin's coming back. He says he wants to get back into some "real playing." Right on, bro. In terms of that, he sent the e-mail to some real people like Ron Blake, Lenny Robinson, Marshall Keys, Talib Kibwe (TK Blue), and surprisingly, myself. So I guess I'm amongst the real cats now. Thanks Gavin for treating me like a real person.

Speaking of real, Jeff turned this vicious blues song into an mp3 and call it a "friggin' phenomenal session." Between hate mail and unsolicited lingerie advertising, I get encouragement too. In addition, Washington Post's mp3 site just added Clarence's and my profile. Double whammy baby!!

The 3 hour-drive each way to Camden, NJ was so not worth it because they didn't even give me a certificate, have my name (or anybody's) called, and my right hand raised.

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