Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Afternoon delight

70's music. Nostalgic. The freakin' tsunami. Help. I'm back in business, but what? The world is suffering. Christmas vacation was very, very good and relaxing. Lots of prime rib, red wine, and Asian Americans. I was induced by sentimental Christmas songs and washed up by family love. Passed by the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood with palm signatures. Had a semi-successful gig with lowlight at the Pig.

It all seems so distant, yet it was just yesterday when I was stuck in the plane for 2 hours because of fear of potential thunderstorm (things get out of hand when it's raining in LA) and lack of fuel. So instead of trying to speed-reading through Angels & Demons, I started watching I, Robot and Anchorman on the flight. After all, it was free and the headphones were readily available. Anchorman had the potential to be a good retro flick with 70's hair and mustaches. Did anyone mention Will Ferrell resembles too much of Chevy Chase and the hype over Will is all because we have missed Chevy? Well, despite all the flaws and unfunny parts in the movie, it cracked me up when Will and the gang start singing Starland Vocal Band's "Afternoon Delight." What a scene!

Other highlights included my cousin's wedding in Vegas, the van almost running out of fuel on its way there, and many other distorted memories. Meet the Fockers were entertaining enough to keep me laughing throughout the movie. Napoleon Dynamite was so funny I laughed so loud it wasn't even funny. It was nice to catch up with all the movies I missed. Now I want to see Steve Zissou. Some people really hate it; some are inspired. I gotta judge it for myself.

No mistletoes, no yuletide by the fireside, no snow, just good ole' Christmas tunes like Nat King Cole's and Dean Martin's to keep me company and warm. The food was amazing; DC and Maryland ought to be ashamed. But who am I to say anything? I miss driving my Camry. Everything seems so new all of a sudden. I guess Santa heard me.

Happy new year, everybody. I'm back with a vengeance.

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