Monday, November 01, 2004

Screw stem cell research, vote your conscience!

The weekend was a relevation, just like the movie Ray. Yesterday was the first time I witnessed yellow leaves following while it was 70 degrees out. The daylight saving hour saved me from being late at church. I got so much rest I actually look forward to this week. Except if Bush wins the election on Tuesday, I'm gonna, like the Ray Charles song suggests, "Drown in my own tears." Saw two great movies this weekend. One about a black music icon and one about seeing life through the lens of wine-tasting. Both served as an inspiration - inspired me to be a better person.

I was asked to explain a 1-4-5 structure to my student and I couldn't do it effectively. I breathe 1-4-5 every day and I can't live without it. It's a part of me. But I couldn't explain what precisely the structure was. Life is strange like that sometimes. Explaining 1-4-5 is like explaining breathing to a new-born baby. Do you use your mouth or nose to exhale? I don't know. I just do it. He can't help it. Isn't the 1-4-5 the most incredible invention in human history?

There are a couple of things to look forward to in this week. One is the dispelling of the Da Vinci Code myth. Another is a high school reunion event that I organisized (note spelling). I think I shall speak in codes from now on to avoid further speculations and misunderstandings.

And you Republicans out there, damn you! Forget abortion, stem cell reserach, gay marriage (actually, both candidates oppose that), because 100,000 civilians and 1,122 U.S. soldiers were killed, and 8,000 U.S. soldiers wounded in Iraq!! What's more important? Stem cells that people throw out anyway or actual lives of people who have done nothing wrong?

And all for a stupid war? A war that shouldn't have existed in the first place? No WMD's, no BLT's. Just greedy, pathetic oil interest. So you peeps out there, if you can stand Iraqi people and American soldiers dying every day, hostages being beheaded, suicide bombs going off on cars in obscure places, more terrorist attacks on the U.S. soil, and gas prices going way up, vote for George W. Bush.

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