Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More post-election sentiments

This is Part II. The FBI's knocking on my door.

"kerry conceded. we are all wearing black. widows of america. all my classes ended early. in symbolists and decandents, the teacher exclaimed how unimportant and petty art history felt at this moment. so now we just mope."

"this isn't death. it's mass suicide."

"so i came home and cried. anger/disillusionment/fear/horror have interwoven into this mess of desolation and powerlessness. i've always been this ridiculous idealist until the end. as optimistic as i try to stay, i can't see the silver lining on this one."

"I've never been political, and I've never been able to follow what was happening in the world. But since Bush has been in office I have at least been able to recognize that he is a liar, a dumbass and evil."

"I am personally insulted by people who voted for Bush. The reason I like Kerry better was because he did not try and benefit people like him, rather listened to the whole US."

"everyone is sad about bush. i am too. but seriously, fuck kerry and fuck liberals."

"we're gonna do something and its gonna be big...the time is now."

"Right now I'm embarrassed to be an American."

Let's look forward to Edwards/Obama 2008.

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