Thursday, November 11, 2004

First off, I'd like to wish a very happy 80th birthday... my Grandpa. He's actually having a gigantic birthday party/celebration in Zhoushan, China right now. It's going to be perfect party since ALL of my maternal family is going to be there. My two uncles flew from LA to attend the ceremony and it's a long overdue family reunion. The imperfect thing is my brother and I can't be there. My heart goes out to him and wishes him a great birthday celebration.

Speaking of China, someone from my office asked me the other day, "Since my Dad went there for two weeks and I want to surprise him when he arrives home with a big 'welcome home' sign, can you write 'welcome home' in Hong Kong?" My officemate who shares a room with me was impatient and jumped in and said, "You mean writing it in Chinese?" I was almost tempted to say "I can write it in Ching Chong." Instead, being a nice guy that I am, "I wrote 'welcome home' in Chinese on a piece of paper for her. Then she asked me, "What did you just draw?" So I said, "I didn't draw anything, I wrote 'welcome home' in Chinese as you requested." At this point, my officemate was so pissed off she had to leave the room, leaving just me and the requestor.

The requestor went on and said, "What do each of these letters stand for?" I was being very patient and replied, "These aren't letters, they are characters. Each of them has a different meaning by itself but together they mean 'welcome home.'" "Oh, so you mean the left character does not mean 'welcome' and the right character does not mean 'home.'" "No."

The most adsurd part came later. The requestor then looked at one character and said, "What's this little stroke here? Is it a typo?" At that point, I wanted to laugh, but to be completely cordial I said, "It's part of the word."

Now I understand why we lost the election.

Sometimes when you have nothing to blog, it's great to summarize what happened in your daily life. Well, what can I say? Arafat died. It sucks in Fallujah right now. And I have a day off because lazy federal workers don't want to work on Veteran's Day. Like it's their business. I sent my car to the dealer for an annual checkup, went to a JB-infiltrated deli and got a blueberry bagel, and spent a rather relaxing afternoon home listening to Bill Evans and Kenny Barron and doing other stuff.

And found two great quotes:
1. i hate myself and my bed but there is something comforting about starting over again from a crumpled mess of me.
2. on monday, after having spent the weekend with lover, i lay a big pillow next to me on the bed cause i missed having him there to hold on to. but it didn't work out very well because it didn't hold me.

Need I say brilliant?

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