Thursday, November 04, 2004

Disguised morality

W. vowed to reach out to the whole nation, uniting the differences. But really, the election gave the Republicans "the green light" to vigorously pursue their conservative agenda and kill more Iraqi insurgents abroad, or else Dick Cheney would not have called it a "broad, nationwide victory." Why would they reach out now when they have a clear majority (51%), and the Congress being predominantly Republican?

When world leaders gradually congratulated Bush on his re-election and polls indicating most in America are hopeful, it's easy to assume that we have gotten past the sombre moods we were in yesterday. But it's sickening to hear someone beam, "I've never been so happy in my life. I look at the map and it's all red. I'm singing hallelujah."

This monologue is some good wisdom and 48% of America believe this. It's really so simple, why didn't the other 51% get it?

I can't think of anything hopeful to say now. To conclude, I borrow Garden State's Zach Braff's statement, "Well what can I say, it's over."

P.S. Check out this heated thread to see how some people really think in this country.

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