Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Can you stand 4 more years of this crap?

Today is the saddest day in American history, maybe even world history. And where the hell does MSNBC and CNN have different election results? How can MSNBC in the name of God declare Bush has won Ohio when everybody else (including John Edwards) claims that the Ohio votes are being recounted. They'd better count those provisional ballots. And what happened to the 500,000 absentee ballots in Florida? Did they get flushed down to the toilet? And why didn't those lame Democrats challenge Florida?

Rudy Giuliani said last night that George Bush's national security measures prevented this country from being further attacked by Al Queda? Seriously, is being attacked the norm here? What about 9/11? Were we supposed to be attacked? Would this country have been attacked if Gore were the President back then?

Nathan from The Film Experience puts it best:

50-51% of Americans approve of torture, corporate greed, fraud, lies, preemptive wars on countries that don't attack us, alienating our former allies, letting people who attack us get away with it, attacks on the military records of war heroes, not accepting responsibility for actions taken, fear mongering, and unbearable tax burdens for their children.

My co-worker and I put a world map on the wall so we can pinpoint which country the Bush administration is going to invade next. The next four years will be hell for the American people, the Iraqi people, the world...It's the fall of the Roman Empire.

I'm not talking to any Republicans today.

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