Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Went to a rather fascinating comedy-hypnosis show at the DC Improv last nite. I was quite impressed by Flip Orley, but his hyponsis was definitely stronger than his stand-up stuff. He even admits, "It's audience participation that makes my show. There's really no plan B." I was a little skeptical of hypnosis at first.

The first time I was exposed to hypnosis was from a high school chapel meeting, and I thought the people were acting. The I saw Woody Allen's The Curse of Jane Scorpion and believed a little bit more. Then Flip explained last night that hypnosis is is a focused state of mind with a limited number of distractions. He also stated 30-50% of people would be hypnotized on stage. A hypnotized person is fully aware and has control over his actions, and he'll remember what happened when he was hypnotized. He also guaranteed the hypnotized people will sleep better at night. Pretty cool.

And it was bound to be funny. Because the hypnotized people knew they were the target of ridicule and the source of the laughter. They knew they were making a fool out of themselves. But since they had the power to control their actions, it made it even funnier. You have to see it to believe it. Flip will be at the Improv until this Sunday, so get your tickets quick if you want to be amused.

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