Thursday, October 14, 2004

Right-wing conspiracy

I have never vehemently said this before, but let's vote that man out of office in November! The debates only bolstered my conviction that the President is an inarticulate, clueless, arrogant, giggly son-of-a-bitch! He chooses taking naps over studying the real issues the American people and the world are facing.

This was his worst debate of all three. Never answered the questions that Bob Schieffer asked. When asked about jobs, he switched to education. When asked about whether he would overturn Roe v. Wade, he said, "Do you mean a litmus test for the Justices?" When confronted by opponent Kerry about ever making the statement, "I'm not concered about bin Laden, (which he clearly said on TV)" Bush replied, "It sounds like one of those exaggerations." Oh, and he just heard of "Pell grants" for the first time that night, so he said "Our administration increased Pell grants." Like it's a pissing contest.

When asked about healthcare, education, unemployment (i.e. subjects that Bush had no command of), he either stuttered or looked at his cheat sheets or drank water. It was beyond embarassing. He was nervous throughout the debate, giggling at inappropriate times, and made really shallow jokes ("Listened to them. Stoodup to them but not scowl") about dealing with strong women.

On the contrary, Kerry was respectful, articulate, lawyerly. He presented his plans as clearly as possible. I had not one question about his plans because I understood them. So it's presumptuous for Bush to say "A plan is not a litany of complaints." It isn't, and Kerry did not characterize it as such.

The only truthful thing that Bush said all night was that his wife Laura speaks better English than he does. But we all know that.

However, CBS and ABC had the guts to say immediately after the debate that it was a close call (or a tie). CNN's headline today was "Domestic issues dominate debate" with only a tiny subheader "Early survey gives Kerry the edge." Washington Post's headline was "Final debate shows domestic divide." These are mainstream media, and they don't even stand up for the truth. When you take a look at Washington Times' headline today ("Energized Bush rips Kerry"), you'll understand what I mean by right-wing conspiracy.

I think any prudent, educated person who was watching debate would conclude that Kerry kicked some major league ass out of Bush. It was a fact! But the news media would want us to believe that Bush performed just as strong. The soundbites are by no means favorable to Kerry either. His strongest points didn't get put on a loop; his mediocre points were the focus. The media is single-handedly handing Bush the re-election.

George W. makes the world a more dangerous place to live and his actions mobilize terrorists to gather together to become more vigilant. So please, VOTE HIM OUT! VOTE HIM OUT!

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