Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My weekly anti-Bush rant

Only 7 days to election day. This guy gets it right. People who live in Ohio, Wisconsim and Florida, it's your decision that counts! Let's make it right this time.

You know what? My Space is really not all that. It's got everything that Friendster's got, plus it's much harder to navigate. So I think I'm gonna stick with Friendster for now.

Sasha Stone has an interesting blog on the Oscar buzz. Gives you something to read during lunch.

Who's the Ashlee Simpson girl? Why has pop culture become so mundane and formulaic these days? Where's the edginess? Even Sesame Street and Mister Rogers were a lot hipper back in those days! Mainstream TV has produced such garbage these days. I was at Borders yesterday looking for good musical DVDs and there were only a couple worth buying. I think we can only find quality television on HBO, BBC and WETA Kids. What a sad world we live in.

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