Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My ranting days

I rant a lot these days, and when I do, I bother not only my most patient co-workers and roommate, I start annoying myself. Time and again, I've neglected the most perfect place to display my angry thoughts - my blog. But then when I sit down in front of my computer (aside from reading threads of uninteresting events or playing "Hit the Penguin" game), I forget what I was ranting about earlier.

Well, let's start with my weekend. Despite the rapid change in weather (and sudden drop in temperature), my weekend was actually a quite good one. Saw some of the debates on Friday, went to Kennedy Center on Saturday night and gave up on Local 16 because of the crowd (and missed a party for that matter), hung out with brother Roger on Sunday at a barbeque/karaoke gathering. Thank God for Columbus Day (not really!) so I chilled and went to bed early. So really I have nothing to bitch about!

So there are two things coming up: The Bonfire/Hayride and Rachel's house party all on the same day. Joan asked me to sell her the rights to fictionalize my poignant love life. Well, I don't mind doing that except the book will contain three pages. I started reading Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" (I always wanted to say "Da da Vinci Code) and am getting hooked because I've been to all those places described in the book. I still have a couple more books to finish, but my attention has been diverting to seemingly meaningless matters.

I've also started to re-pay my e-mail debt and savor on some wisdom people sent me. Janine writes, "dont linger in love with someone for months on end with no confession. confess, and if you get rejected, get the fuck out of there asap."

But most of all, Ed also writes something that is worth reading again, "you are building your art and your social world and you life in a unique way."

That's really I want to hear at the end of the day, even if it's only half of the truth.

P.S. News of the day: France tops sex league

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